Kinetic Studies of Adsorption of Hydroquinone onto Coconut Shell

Author:Emole, E. C, Esihe T.E | 2017-11-01


Adsorption removal of hydroquinone from aqueous solution using activated carbon was investigated in this work. The adsorbent was prepared from coconut shell and activated by physical activation method. The coconut shell was first carbonized at 4500C under nitrogen atmosphere and activated by NaOH at the same temperature for one hour. The prepared activated was characterized by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and (BET) surface analyzer and by the determination of iodine number. The iodine number indicates the degree of relative activation of the adsorbent. The effect of experimental parameters including pH, contact or agitation time concentration and temperature were the contact time of 140min was used all through the experiment. Effect of the pH was evaluated and at pH of 10 maximum uptake of hydroquinone was recorded for effect of temperature there was an increase in adsorption of hydroquinone at 600C. These results indicate the potential use of the absorbent for removal of hydroquinone from the aqueous solution.

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